Blinds by Vongab 

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With our many options, you can choose the exact type of plantation shutter that fits your home’s style.

Options for plantation shutter materials include:

Poly: a material made from carbon and glass fibre polymer; won’t crack or chip like wood
Basswood: a lightweight wood with a grain finish
Aluminium: a low-maintenance shutter material that resists weather damage

Once you’ve chosen the material, you have many other ways to customise your shutters. Our plantation shutters in Sydney come in various shapes, including rakes, circles and sunburst patterns. The blades come in three sizes: 64 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm. And they can open in three ways: hinged, sliding or bi-fold.

No matter which type of shutters you choose, we supply products made from environmentally friendly materials. 

From Consultation to Installation

If you’re unsure which plantation shutters are right for you, ask our experienced professionals. We can help you choose plantation shutters that fit your window’s size and style and protect your windows from weather damage.

Once you’ve selected the right plantation shutters, our licensed tradespeople will install them for you.